Alk3: Bleeder

“You came to me like a dream, the kind that always leaves; just as the best part starts, it ends so abruptly, and leaves you stunned and naked in your bedroom all alone.”

Again, I love to promote good covers, especially if they bring a new element to the song (even better if they’re acoustic!).  I remember Alkaline Trio fairly well and I’m not a hardcore fan, save for a few songs, but somehow, The Material’s cover made me slightly more fond of them.  You can purchase the entire A3T tribute album here at Pacific Ridge.  Download The Material’s A3T cover for free on their PureVolume page.  I’d rave about how I enjoy listening to The Material’s vocalist, but I’ll save that endorsement for another post.

Scene: you’re on a grungy downtown bus heading into the heart of the city.  Everyone smells like rain.  You smell like frustration.  It’s a shade of greige you’ve never seen before and the clouds never fail to hide the sun.  All you can think about is how long the ride is taking. /End scene


2 responses to “Alk3: Bleeder

  1. The Material nailed the re-do! The lead singer took the lyrics and really made them her own with grit and emotion. Great, great, great, cover! Been digging on it for a while now and it hasn’t gotten old yet.

    • Absolutely agree! Took a classic song and kind of breathed a little of new-age life into it. Very impressed with The Material.

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