Lydia: Skin & Bones

When Lydia disappeared for a bit, what with the departure of Mindy White, I felt a little lost.  I remembered listening to them a while back, finding it hard to like them right off the back (Leighton’s tone and the style of music they play might be considered an acquired taste), but then falling so deeply in love with them after a few more listens.  The first song I ever heard from them was December, which I’ll rave about in a rewind post.  I don’t know how to describe them, but I’d call them alt/ambient.  I feel like I’m floating over the ocean, watching the clouds, hearing the waves crash against the rocks…

Now, although this 2011 release might just be their last album (sans key members, including Mindy), it’s got a lot of key elements of the old Lydia.  Like I said: it takes a little time to fall in love with Lydia’s songs, but when it does happen, you fall hard and you stay in love.  To this day, I replay Stay Awake and Hospital on my iPhone.

Whenever I listen to Lydia, I like to drive.  I like late night drives around the city, watching the string of light bulbs and buildings, and I like the feel of the cool night air.  I like to think.  Sometimes, I even like to think listening to Lydia is that slow, warm process of falling in love.  It’s hard to describe what Lydia sounds like.  In three words? Strings, deep, love.


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