Meg & Dia: Setting Up Sunday

Meg & Dia (MaD) make music that’s difficult to get bored of.  Each performance is like a reinvention of the recorded version, each acoustic session unique in the way Dia improvs on some notes.  I’ve never seen them live, and I don’t know if they’ll be in Toronto anytime soon (though, after Dia Frampton’s performances on The Voice, I imagine she might), but every video I’ve seen of them live, of their acoustic performances has blown me away.  Earthy, warm, different.

A few weeks ago, I bought Dia’s Red album and it’s different from MaD, but that’s to be expected.  But in an interesting way.  It’s like lazy day music, with oversized sweaters, chunky socks and a cup of tea.  It’s like the sun’s streaming in through the blinds, warm and yellow, and the house is quiet save for the hum of the furnace.  Feel good melodies.


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