People You Know: Well Wasted


People You Know (PYK) was an accidental and most curious musical find.  A few months ago, someone gave me a fairly nondescript, yellow PYKmusic pin and told me that it was an underground all-girl band.  I have a fascination with female alternative/indie rock bands mainly because of all the flack women get (sometimes this is well-deserved).  Based on the fact that said-person was male, I had to check them out for myself.  I don’t know many all-female alt/indie rock bands that are endorsed by guys for talent alone, so I googled and YouTube-ed.

I stumbled upon “Well Wasted” first and it took a while to figure out if I liked them or not.  As I’m a late night music prowler, my taste is heavily biased towards m alt/rock.  But, as it turns out, I like PYK.  They have an old school feel to their music.  I miss old school music, and they do a great job.  Especially the vocalist/lead guitarist, Aimee Bessada.

It’s nothing like Tegan & Sara, or popular all-female bands.  It’s jauntier.  It’s something I listen to when I need a morning pick-me-up, or if I’m feeling feisty and need an accompanied melody.  They sound like a cross between 4 Non Blondes, No Doubt and something I can’t quite describe.

What I admire most? The lead’s vocal tone.  It’s a lot harder to sound raspy than it is to sound smooth.  That, and they’re Canadian.


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