Sleeperstar: I was wrong

Late night sessions with a laptop have left me pining for late night music.  This often includes strings, like heavy usage of cellos, violins or acoustics, and Sleeperstar fits that category.  Heavily associated with the teen TV sensation, The Vampire Diaries, I suppose the band has picked up quite a following.  Don’t associate their music with whatever is going on in that show; it would be a shame if you pigeonholed them based on a show.

The song’s pretty simple.  The piano, the lyrics, they’re fairly repetitive.  I suppose it’s the mood it sets you in that you’ll enjoy.  I’m trying to get through several papers and I’m desperately trying to finish an application essay, and this just puts my mind at ease, even if for a moment.  I’ve never listened to Sleeperstar before and I haven’t a clue as to the type of music they usually play, but this one song might put them on the same shelf as Greg Laswell and such.  I’ll look into them later, but I feel they share similar musical qualities that Grey’s Anatomy OST artists normally have: moody, emotional, slow, high string content and legato (for the most part).


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