Yoav ft. Emily Browning: Where is My Mind?

Purists will condemn me for liking a cover, but let me start by saying that The Pixies’ original version of “Where is my mind?” is great and raw, much like the movie in which it was featured, Fight Club.  It suits the OST, the movie.  I won’t disagree.  Yet, there’s something to be said about a good cover.  For many, covers are supposed to be hommages to the original song, meant to be duplicates.  I like it when artists can put their own spin on things; I like it when they can take a good song and make it equally good, in a different way.  With that, I’ve got to say that Yoav’s version of the song is haunting.  What’s better than reinventing a good song?  Reinventing a reinvention.  Sucker Punch’s Emily Browning added another level of depth and made the song poignant for their OST (crass green screen film, but great, near-five star OST).

It’s a good bedtime song.  In my world, it’s a thought process song.  Rainy day, late at night.  Too much on your mind.  In the dark, on a crowded subway cart.  Where is your mind?


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