Lissie: Everywhere I go

Just because I couldn’t post Lissie’s When I’m Alone” without “Everywhere I go“.  This, I will argue, is what propelled Lissie into some of mainstream music and pop culture.  You might remember it on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.  I didn’t think it would be fair if I didn’t put up a post dedicated solely to this song.  Again, there is an acoustic version but I thought that, in order to do this post some historical justice, I’d post the version filtering through Grey’s.

Like I said in the previous post: summer, dusk or dawn, breezy, tribal print dresses (or in this case, a flanel shirt and shorts) and the aftertaste of a memorable sangria on my lips — mine or otherwise.  Remember, your life is a movie.  So much of what we see on big screen is what we try to make our lives like, when in fact, most of what you see in movies are what our lives truly are made of.  We just need to make it like that.  Take your life, put it to music, and that’s an Oscar winner right there.


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