Lissie: When I’m Alone

Discovering Lissie involved a shelf of PASTE and SPIN magazines, which I haven’t seen on shelves since 2007 (perhaps that’s just a local thing, or a Canadian thing).  I was on a trip to China when I picked these up.  Only when I was headed home via Seattle did I begin reading and inputting the music into my Video iPod (yes, that generation) from the free demo discs offered by PASTE.  I’m not sure when I YouTubed Lissie, but this is one of the first videos I’ve ever watched of her and it’s acoustic.  Double love.  She reminds me of Melissa Etheridge, and something between Holly McNarland/Paolo Nutini and a little Ani Difranco (which might be pushing it).

Lately, I’ve been going down memory lane.  New music that’s memorable is hard to find, but I suppose that’s why it takes time for me to love them and for me to post them.  When I listen to Lissie, even Everywhere I go (see YouTube), I think of breezy summer, a patio or a park, dusk or dawn, campfire and tribal print dresses (or overused khaki shorts).  Screenplay?  I see a cross between Stand By Me (I will always love you River Phoenix) and maybe something out of Y tu mamá también.


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