Lindsey Pavao: Say Aah (Cover)

I recently tuned into The Voice (season 2), mostly for Blake Shelton’s antics, and I was very pleasantly surprised to see more singers taking a risk, i.e. putting their twist on a song as opposed to karaoke-ing it out.  Lindsey Pavao’s twist on Trey Songz’s Say Aah was refreshing (I personally don’t listen to Trey Songz, so this intrigued me).  She’s on Team X-tina, and though I wish she had given Cee-Lo or Blake a chance, I’m excited to see what collaboration turns out.  She did remind me of a Fiona Apple/Ani DiFranco mix, and I admire that kind of uniqueness.  I posted the live version on The Voice since I find that live performances always have a special edge to them (I’m sure many will agree).

When I heard her version, I swapped the clubbed-up version of Trey Songz Say Aah for a coffee shop setting.  I’m lounging, late at night, at a place like Jimmy Jazz or Van Gogh’s Ear, listening to the works of unique and new artists, perhaps with a pint or perhaps with a paper cup filled with coffee.  The setting is intimate, it’s small, it’s dim, it’s pretty perfect for sitting back. /End scene.

Kudos to Lindsey and to all the other contestants who put their spin on a song.


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