The Archives: Sheep’s Clothing

I had booked my Thursday night off to watch The Balconies perform a free show at Jimmy Jazz (located in Guelph; more info here).  Initially, I wasn’t going to go (on top of that, I was having a pretty awful afternoon).  I’m a Toronto girl, by the by, so being alone in a venue full of writhing and jiving groups should be normal; I’ve gone to shows, open mics and acoustic sets alone, just for the music and maybe one drink or so, but somehow, being in Guelph made me feel a little apprehensive.  I’m glad someone talked me out of my non-Guelphite fear because if they hadn’t, I would have never stumbled upon The Archives, a Toronto-grown band rocking the post-rock and roll sound.  And I am SO big on promoting local talent.

So here’s how it went: I stumbled into Jimmy Jazz, a small, super laid-back, 19+ crowd all decked in whatever hipster clothing or flannel you can find, and I grab a drink and settle somewhere against the wall (no seats left).  It took the band a good half hour to start up, but once they did, I was kind of enamoured with the sound they were making.

Think: full sound, two guitars in dynamic conversation, backdrop of bass, wide-mouth/head-voice vocals, and steady, stalwart drumming.  The band adds an element of synth/distortion in there with whatever foot pedals they had, and it was a phenomenal, super loud sound.  I was blown away.  I came for The Balconies, whom I think are a super talented trio, but I left wishing for more of The Archives.  The one song they’ve got posted on YouTube is also one of the songs I kind of let my chest vibrate to: Sheep’s Clothing.

The whole time all I could think was: they are amazing live.  This is fill-your-room, let your chest thrum, think of a lukewarm night and the dusky sky sort of music.  At one point, I even imagined myself sitting on a rock in the middle of a desert.

They play back home at Amos The Transparent’s record release party — go support them on February 25 at 9PM @ The Horseshoe Tavern.  Get your tickets here ($7 in advance, $10 at the door)!


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