Underoath: Desolate Earth… The End is Here

I’m not an avid fan of Underoath, not like many out there, but I do appreciate their music from time to time.  I had this one saved for a post early in March, but I forgot.  Scouring my mind, I remembered it and so here it is.  This, to me, is unlike many of the songs Underoath has as part of their repertoire.  It’s a memory of sorts put into strings, percussion and melancholia, except, amidst all the sad, cold strings you hear, there’s a bit of hope at the end (perchance to dream?).

The first time I heard this song, I must have been completely out of my mind and it must have been 2AM or something similar.  I must have been searching for something like comfort or something to lull me to sleep, and this did the trick.

So, if you can imagine it, you’re going down a dark and quiet road.  You’re walking, or driving slowly, and you’re waiting for the sun to rise.  You can see the little rays dying to coming out, but it’s still hours from sunrise.  You continue to walk towards it, waiting for it, and in a moment of calm, you stop.  You stand.  You wait.  You listen.

The silence is so loud, so loud it hurts.  And yet, it’s beautiful.

The sun rises. /Fin scene.


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