Japandroids: I Quit Girls

I’m excited to announce that The Japandroids play in Toronto on December 11, 2012 at The Phoenix — and I will most definitely be going!  Their music isn’t very difficult to describe; it’s your rock duo with depth.  By depth, I mean there are dimensions to the instruments, dimensions not normally found in bands like this.  Most of their music has a bit of jump, but this one particular song stood out to me in that it has around 6-7 lines of cryptic lyrics — yes, I quit girls is one of them.

Depending on the song, I listen to them in the morning, as I get ready, or when I’m in a good mood looking for a way to channel it.  This song, however, is something I listen to when I’m walking down the long stretch of road before my house, in the dark, to clear my head.  Depth in 6-7 lines.

Picture it: It’s frosty outside and you’re bundled in your coat.  You are full of emotion, questions and confusion all wondering about in your head.  There is too much input and not enough output; it’s all backlogged in your head.  You shove your hands into your pockets and walk towards home, away from home, just for a walk.  You think, you hope you clear your thoughts, you hope it makes sense when you return.

It’s cold outside.


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