Coeur de Pirate: Wicked Games

Canadiana never sounded so unique.  Coeur de Pirate aka Beatrice Martin (en anglais: Pirate Heart) is a solo artist fronting as a band, who hails from Montreal, Quebec.  She’s not a new face, but she is worth mentioning.  Aside from the Alice & Wonderland sleeve and the 1950s vintage pin-up hair/makeup, CDP can play piano like nobody’s business.  I enjoy her unique voice and the strange, artsy indie style her music embodies.  Although Comme des Enfants and Golden Baby might be better examples of her original work, I wanted to post a song, originally by The Weeknd (if I’m not mistaken), that she made me love.  Especially when she says “so let me motherfuckin’ love you” (pardon the vulgarity).

Scene: rainy afternoon, or grey day, with looming clouds and a hot drink in hand.  Sitting behind the windowed front of a coffee shop, or better yet, a quaint bistro you frequent.  You stare outside, looking out at the sky, people watching, not sure if it’s worth looking anywhere else but out.  You’re tired and frustrated… but mostly lovestruck. /scene


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