Lifestory Monologue: Thornberry

It’s early morning, I realize this, but I had to post another song.  This one’s been on the back-burner for a while, but I figured now’s a good time to post the song.  Lifestory Monologue‘s Thornberry (from “Drag Your White Fur – Make it Grey”) is one of my favourite songs from the band.  Their last show ever will be on December 22, 2012 in Guelph — sad news, I know.  I will be attending their second last show at Sneaky Dee’s on December 21st.  You should check them out and grab a ticket for one of their “last shows” (in venues across Ontario until December 22nd).  Lots of good bands playing alongside them.

I’ve always had a thing for clean vocals, grit and meshing it with what feels like experimental rock.

Scene?  I just remember it being a Friday night, lights and dark, dark and lights. Spinning on the spot, laughing, silence. A good time. A silent time. A pensive moment.  All bundled into one. /end scene


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