Chevelle: Sleep Apnea

Alternative meets a metal sound is the best way I can describe this Illinois-bred band.  I’ve been a fan since I heard their single “Red” many years back, and am still impressed with their work, as well as their ability to expand from what felt like angry-kid/emo post-hardcore into something more poetic and musically delicious.  Pete Loeffler’s earnest, and clean vocals mesh very well with the guitar-heavy sound, and at his higher registers, he’s got a great growl/rasp in the undertone.  Some might liken it to the vocals of  Deftones’ Chino Moreno, at some points, in that it gets a little raw, gritty, maybe even feral and sexy.  I won’t disagree.  It’s music you could fight or strip to — whichever you fancy.

This particular song is from their 2009 album Sci-Fi Crimes.  Though, their leading single and perhaps my favourite song from this album is Jars, this is an equally good song for a different occasion.  I’m not sure what scene to put it to.  Sometimes I listen to it when I can’t sleep, or am stuck in a place that I can’t fall asleep in.  In essence, this is a song that makes the most sense when I’m dreaming about sleeping… filling my head with movie-like trailers.

On the Jars aside, take a listen — very clever song.

Scene? Enter an action movie with Leo DiCaprio, where I’m on the watch tower and he’s on the walkie, telling me to keep an eye out, as something like a quasi-Inception occurs?  And then, bam, enter sirens and alarms and running for your life in slow-mo to get out of there, to get the team out. /scene



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