Efterklang: Modern Drift

Why hello there Denmark-based Efterklang! I felt like I was poorly representing my brain and its music soundtracks over the last couple of posts, and felt the need to post one of my favourite morning songs.  Efterklang, which is Danish for “remembrance” or “reverberate”, is an Indie/Indie-Rock band that I was fortunate enough to learn about through one of my guilty pleasures: So You Think You Can Dance.  The best bit is that such a beautiful, piano-laden, mellow song was played alongside some pretty spectacular contemporary dance pieces.  I, myself, have no aptitude for dance, but I appreciate artistry all the same.

Modern Drift, I assume, generated quite a following after SYTYCD, although I imagine they already had an established listener base.  Regardless, the complexity of the underlying sound (a medley of pianos playing complementary bars, almost like a piano concerto I guess) really complements the soft, warm vocals of the lead singer.  I’m not very good at hearing chords or notes by ear, but the feel generated is uplifting and such a perfect get-up-and-seize-the-day sort of song (complete opposite to the cold-string style that Clint Mansell uses, re: Requiem for a Dream).

As it’s morning on my day off, and I’ve a paper to write, this will the be the scene you can envision: sunlight streaming through open blinds, bounces off coffee cup I am just about to fill with a warm brew.  Laptop in the background sits safely between a plate of toast and jam and my bizarre-coloured glasses.  The sky is clear, the house is quiet and beautifully still. It’s a good day. /scene


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