The Narrative: Castling (Acoustic)

I remember finding this band from a “free downloads” post somewhere, and I thought, “Why not? It’s free.”  I fell in love with them and decided to keep tabs on them.  I came across The Narrative’s Castling on one of the nights I should have been working on my paper.  I found the acoustic version shortly after and had it on repeat for a while.  It’s mellow, it’s a good late-night-working song and the lyrics are obscure enough that it won’t detract from your working mode, but also understandable enough for you to connect.  My favourite line? “I don’t need this lonely skin anymore.”

Scene? You’re sitting on your couch, on your laptop.  It’s 1:42AM.  You pause to think, but find yourself thinking back to some potential relationship that got strangled and mangled, or confusing and contrite.  You look at the time.  2:03AM.  You sigh.  You move on.  Back to work.  It’s 2:09AM.


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