July Talk: Paper Girl

It’s safe to say that I wasn’t the only person who heard this song and first thought: “The Cookie Monster just put out an album.”  Gritty, gnarly vocals from frontman Peter Dreimanis and then contrasting, sweet-as-pie/Sucker Punch’s Baby Doll from new addition Leah Fay.  I’ll admit it took a bit of work to get this song through my head, but after a while, I caught on to their wittiness.  It’s quite catchy, quite rock’n’roll, a little bit of that Sesame Street-ease, and sensibly sassy.  It sounds like a bit of back-and-forth between the frontman and the front-lady (is that a term? I suppose so).

I personally like the transitions between grit and sweet, though I’m particularly biased towards the gritty sound.  Either way.  Good band, good single, go listen to them.

Scene? Foggy and hazy coffee shop at night, something shaped and sized like Guelph’s The Cornerstone restaurant or The Cat’s Eye (when it existed — woes of an alumni).  There’s a groggy, half-hung over male sitting in the corner of the room, sipping on some java.  On the other end is the peaches-and-cream acoustic machine of a girl, draped in floral print and wearing oxfords with tights, strumming and singing.  He looks up, somewhat annoyed with the peace-love message she’s got writ across her face.  She looks down, smirking mid-song, isolating him in the lightly populated locale.  Let the mental grumblings and musings begin. /scene


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