Middle Class Rut: Busy Bein’ Born

It’s interesting when you can elicit full sound from a two-piece altrock band, i.e. Middle Class Rut.  They are by no means new, and not exactly old, but they have a little place in my heart.  This is one of the few post-2000 bands that my dad and I can agree on and it’s mostly because of this song (that, and “New Low”).  I have a tendency to forget that I’ve listened to them, but each time I re-listen, it’s a fun experience.  Helps me get through a research slump/eyes burning from the computer daze.

I think the only way to describe this song, to me, in my mind anyway, is duking it out in the Nevada desert.  I really have no other image that goes through my head.  Cowboy meets street brawler between two cactus posts and an armadillo nervously holding onto some tumbleweed.  And a high, scorching noon sun.


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