The Box Tiger: Ballad of My Bones

Another Canadian band plug!  Early this year/late last year, I got the chance to go a random show that I was certain I would hate and found myself quite impressed with Toronto’s The Box Tiger.  The song that really caught me was Ending Song, which I’ll post another day, but this week has been all about Ballad of My Bones, which kind of sums up what this entire week has been like for me.  I am particularly impressed with the guitar work in this acoustic set.  You can really see how into their music they are.

Her vocals are quite unique, her tone somewhere between Florence and Birdy — haunting in that she has limited/removed vibrato (fun fact: the right amount of vibrato adds an element of warmth to any instrument, including your voice); very UK-inspired vocals.  I’m normally partial to raspier higher registers, but this is just as good.  The harmonies are a little bit funny, but the guitarist sounds like he’d have a wicked good falsetto.

Overall, the sound is a lot like: Birdy meets Florence meets quasi-Pixie Lott.  Or more like a high octane Birdy with Florence’s majesty.

So.  Scene?  It’s two in the early morning.  You just woke up.  There’s a strange orange light peeking through from beyond your blinds, and you take a quick look outside.  You see headlights.  Well, one headlight.  There’s a motorcycle outside with a mystery rider beckoning you to come outside.  You jump into a pair of boots, quickly lace them and grab your jacket.  You jump on to the back of the bike, pull on the extra helmet and he accelerates onto the empty road.  The strangest things come out at night, you notice as you stare down the stretch of highway populated by orange orbs and fireflies and prowling predators.  The line: I’ve got a man who lives inside, he lives inside my freedom rings through your head, as the rider continues to speed into the eternal stretch of night.  You’re wide awake, but you’re exhausted, and you need this.  The bike slows at the edge of a bridge looking out into the lake.  Something orange peeks out from beneath the horizon line.  Slowly, the sun begins to rise.  You close your eyes to bask in the warmth of a sunrise.  When you open them, you’re back in bed.  It’s 7:13AM.  /End scene.


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