Skylar Grey: Words

Skylar Grey AKA Holly Brook is one of the most underrated artists in North America, in my opinion.  If you’ve heard a rap song with a mellow, well-vocalized hook, that’s probably Skylar Grey’s work — vocalized either by her or another artist.  I can list a bunch of artists who have collaborated and/or used snippets of her work, like Lupe Fiasco (see: Words I Never Said).  Really a multi-talented singer/song-writer/composer; you can see this in the versatility of her work, as well as the longevity of the hooks she co/produces.

I’ve been particularly obsessed with this one song, Words.  I suppose it’s another one of those songs you discover works well with your latenight thoughts or endeavours.  For the most part, it’s something that’s helping me push through finishing a manuscript and is equally good at lulling me to sleep during these griege days.

It’s so loud inside my head is a great line.  It resonates well with me and probably anyone else who finds themselves up at 2:00AM weaving tales or strings of sentences meant for decades of preservation.

Otherwise… The lyrics are a little blue, a little black, a little depressing, but the overall feel and sound are relaxing.  Another plus? She’s one of the few singers with an airy quality to their voice that I truly appreciate; airy voices have a tendency to get lost amidst the instruments.  Being too breathy can reduce impact, but she uses her tone well and delivers it in a way that completes the song.

The scene is relatively variable.  Imagine a girl in a dimly lit room, glued to a laptop — or even a notebook, with a pen in hand.  Her hair’s in a haphazard bun, or maybe it isn’t, and her skin looks de-saturated from the poor lighting.  She’s thinking hard, her brows furrowed in thought.  Aha, she’s got it!  She puts pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, and makes to write… only to stop.  Enter a voiceover: her thoughts permeate the scene, louder than the sound of her clicking pen (or finger-tapping).  Multiple scenes for character X flash through her mind: Jack and Jill fall down the hill, Jack and Jill pick up sticks, Jack and Jill slay the dragon, Jack and Jill bake a cake, Jack and Jill get married, Jack and Jill meet the seven dwarves…  Frustrated, she leans back into her chair, sighs in exasperation and drops the pen (or pushes the laptop further away).  The sound of a ticking clock fades into the scene.  Voiceover:  This is going to be a long night. /fin


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