The Box Tiger: Set Fire to Your Friends

I’m having a music-laden month, and it’s mostly revolved around Canadiana.  Now, the definition of Canadiana is debatable, but in the context of my post, it just refers to inspired music produced and performed by Canadians.  I don’t often like to post about the same band in the span of a month — it just feels biased — but I felt like the Toronto-based band, The Box Tiger really deserved a second go.  Their self-labeled EP is well done, very musically whimsical and beautiful, not to mention great vocals.  It was released in 2010, and available to download for free.  The major concern I had, although the EP is wonderful, was that their sound — namely vocals — would get boxed in with similar acts, like Florence & The Machine.  Mind you, that isn’t a bad thing; it’s positive to be likened to a well-received, musically talented performer.  But it’s still nice to see what you can do with Florence-like qualities; how malleable and how artistically free are you?

So I was doing my usual YouTube search and came across TBT’s recently released music video for their new single, Set Fire to Your Friends.  The video is pretty enough, but it’s the sound that gets me.  The drums are impressive, very clean, and the guitar medley is insanely whimsical — warm strings at higher scales.  Of course, the vocals are still very Florence, and that’s just innate, but the delivery embodied a more established TBT identity.  Great single and it’s also available for free via Bandcamp.  I can’t wait for the other things they have in store.

Scene?  You wake up and stare at your window from your bed.  The sky is a pretty periwinkle, not a cloud in sight.  A stray sliver of sunlight peeks through the tree branches above, shading your window.  Everything feels pretty, feels right, feels set.  Everything is possible today.  /end scene


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