Sigur Rós: Sæglópur

Icelandic band, Sigur Rós has an interesting way of getting you to remember how pretty music can be, and of the top five Sigur Ros songs I’ve heard, Saeglopur definitely ranks in the top three.  Now, a lot of will say, “Wait, wasn’t that on The Life of Pi movie trailer?”  And you wouldn’t be wrong.  Though, it should be mentioned that Saeglopur, which is Icelandic for “lost at sea” (fitting for the movie, don’t you think?), was released before the movie was produced.  Whether or not the song was released with the novel (published in 2001) in mind is debatable.  Either way, it’s a beautiful piece of music laced with both Icelandic and Hopelandic, or strings of words resembling Icelandic without being Icelandic (for anyone who doesn’t know how to speak Icelandic, like myself, this wouldn’t be obvious).

I use this song, much like many of the slower/more instrumental or softer/more ambient songs posted here, to help me write late at night or when I’m in the mood to read a book.  If you’re a fan of Explosions in the Sky (who are much more keen on strings), or even composers like Phil Sheppard, or — for the international favourites — Yoko Kanno (see Sora’s Song), I think you’ll like them.  Not all of their music is as gentle, or as pretty as this, but their music is fantastic nonetheless.

The scene I envisioned for this comes from a strange place — a mix of what I’m working on, a book I’ve been reading, and a little bit of how life has been.  You walk into a crowded room, the music roaring in your ear, a glass of water instead of a beer.  The lighting is dim, but pattern projections of lamplight make the room look festive.  The room is full of laughter; the air thick with the scent of both booze and perfume.  You spot someone alone on the couch; they’re staring at their drink, not sure of whether or not they should drink it or dump it.  Of all the people in the room, you can’t help but notice that one person — so embedded, yet so isolated.  So without thinking, you take their hand, jerk them from whatever sad reality they were sinking in, and you start dancing.  You’re a terrible dancer, but that doesn’t matter.  If only for a little while, you’ve saved someone the dirty duties of staring at their drink the whole night. /end scene


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