Daughter: Youth

UK band, Daughter‘s most popular song, by usage and air-time alone, has to be Youth.  Their music has been featured on several TV shows, namely Grey’s Anatomy (that’s where all indie bands go for immortality).  I’ll be honest and say I didn’t know this trio and this song until recently, and I can attribute it to this under-utilized recommend function on YouTube.

For the most part, this music is a little too mellow and too soft for my liking.  In essence, Daughter has an unusually softened sound, almost muted, like the way you’d describe an olive coat under overcast skies — desaturated and almost quiet.

But here’s the thing about muted bands…  If you do take the time to listen, dissect the sound and their lyrics, you’ll realize how much artistry and effort is put into making something sound so real and raw, yet quiet and subtle.  You often equate raw and real with loud, or anguish, or just plain old in-your-face.  Daughter’s dose a pretty good job of doing just that.  Do yourselves a favour and read the lyrics.  The song really hits home around at the line “it was a flood that wrecked this home, and you caused it.”

Scene?  Imagine being next to someone you’ve loved almost all your life, except you didn’t know that until recently because it never was an option and it never crossed your mind.  Imagine the thought of losing this person to someone else, or to something, and imagine the feeling that comes with it — and the realization that you truly do love them, and suddenly you’re scared of losing something.  Imagine the words you fashion, the countless times you’ve rehearsed them in your head for the moment you’ll tell this person how you feel, how it scares you, and how you want nothing but their acknowledgment in response.  Imagine saying these words the day after an adventure of sorts, a way to use overflowing adrenaline and bravado.  Imagine this person looking at you with wide, empty eyes, uncertain of what to say.  Imagine losing this person to their fear of what could be, should there be anything in the future; imagine the sadness and uncertainty you are left with; and imagine the lacklustre ending to what was a golden friendship.  Imagine harbouring that memory for a lifetime, and imagine what such a thing can do to a person.  Now, remember that everything you’ve just seen and felt are not real.  /end scene

So go and live life.  And Happy New Year’s everyone.  May 2013 bring you fresh beginnings for old and new adventures alike.


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