Paper Mache: The Vaccine

Paper Mache is an interesting indie/acoustic/alternative/folk/what-have-you band that hails from Austin, Texas.  I’m not entirely sure how I stumbled across this band, but it was somewhere between the ripe old angsty ages of 17 and 19, and I’m fairly sure it’s thanks to one of the many random online radio stations.  Acoustic-something-or-other.  Of course, the reason why most songs and bands get stuck in my head is due to context.  And that’s kind of why Paper Mache, which is arguably the most heart-wrenching song on their 2008 album “Easier To Lose”, is the song that keeps replaying in my head.

You can find the digital album on bandcamp, which I just learned and am super stoked about.  Thank you Google!

The lead singer, Seth (I believe his name is), has a soothing voice.  At times, his voice can sound a little bit like the rest of the bands you hear on PureVolume or MySpace or what have you — the ones you pretend not to like after you’ve outgrown your high school taste in music.  Fear not, that sound is inconsistent across the album — he’s actually got a very earnest sound, like he’s talking to you.  The best thing I can say about the vox on the album?  Sincere, almost like you’re conversing with the singer, one on one.  On top of that, acoustic always helps; it really showcases a band’s musical talents.  Oh, and the instrumental, which is impressive.

Once you listen to the song, listen to the lyrics, it won’t be hard to understand why this song really resonates with me.  I don’t need to add any visuals to guide you through the mood or meaning of the song.  The song does a really good job of walking you through it, both lyrically and musically (in a way, it can be likened to the way most country music tells a story, though it isn’t country).  Listen to it, listen to the words to get the scene; I don’t want to write any out, or else I’ll just spoil it.


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