Copeland: You Have My Attention

I am perfectly aware that throw-back Thursday, aka #TBT, was… well, last Thursday.  Let’s call this a delayed reaction. Copeland is a Florida indie-rock band  that fluctuates between sounds but often projects a full, complicated sound that’s a good mix of strings, drums and  yes, if you’ve heard the music, the mellotron.  This band reminds me of my second year of undergrad, while “You Have My Attention” reminds me of an era that’s long since passed.

If you listen to the variety of songs Copeland produces, you’ll notice the range goes from something like “No One Really Wins” to the more mellow, more subdued and ambient “You Have My Attention” — regardless, they’re a great band.  I may be biased in that their lead and producer, Aaron Marsh has a sound that’s clearly in or influenced bands like Lydia, The Lulls In Traffic (sans rap interjections) and Underoath, which are all bands with sounds I am fond of.

This particular song is ambient and is almost like a love song.  Now, I can hear Inner Me chuckling and waggling a finger.  “That’s so cheesy, S.”  Well, I suppose it might be, but that’s what the song is.  And you don’t need to view it in that light, but that’s the best way to understand the song’s tone.  The video I’ve posted is an acoustic version that lacks both the violin and percussion, but I thought, given the subject matter, it’s done some justice in stripping down the song to its basic purpose.  Saps out there can attest to the beauty of stripping down an ambient, almost-ballad to its acoustic roots.

Now, a scene.  I don’t know why, but I imagine two separate scenes that slowly converge into one.  The first is set on an isolated island, covered in trees and crystalline blue water, perfect skies overhead.  John Doe is standing at its shores, staring upward at the sky, while bottle-encased letter drifts outwards.  He closes his eyes and waits for someone to respond.  The second is set at night, in a suburban setting.  Jane Doe’s had a hard day, a long one.  She briefly lays her hand over a glass bottle, one she found years ago on the shore; it was a love letter, one written to a girl who never received it.  It’s also her prized treasure hunt find.  Tired, she lays in bed, pulls the covers up and closes her eyes in hopes of a peaceful night.  She sees crystal blue water before her, and feet away from her, John Doe walks towards her.  He smiles at her and waves.  End scene.


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