Cover Mondays: Lennon and Maisy & Lydia Evangeline

COVER MONDAYS!  It’s a Monday, and I figured I would make it a point to have a themed post.  I don’t post enough, and I have a plethora of favourite musicians that need to be heard, whether or not they’re signed artists or playing gigs.  You can often find them on the beautiful side of YouTube or whatnot.  All that aside, the two artists I’m highlighting today are Lennon and Maisy, and LydiaEvangeline.  You might have seen Lennon and Maisy on the new TV show Nashville, playing Rayna James’ daughters, and you may be familiar with Lydia’s interesting acoustic renditions.

Stella sisters, Lennon and Maisy Stella (12 and 9, respectively), are fellow Canadians with a refreshing and youthful take on acoustic music.  They harmonize better than most people that are well trained and submerged in their music careers.  Their take on Imogen Heap‘s Headlock is fantastic, and soothing for a mellow spring afternoon, just before the sun sets.

Lydia Evangeline, which is her YouTube username, is actually one half of a duo (the other half is a uber-talented guitarist, whose plucking technique and fingers need to be insured).  This video specifically highlights her vocals, and puts melody to the popular post-hardcore band, La Dispute‘s song Such Small Hands.  The original actually has no melody in the vocals, so Lydia’s rendition is interesting.  It helps that her British accent shines through, adding character to her performance.

No scenes, just appreciate good music.  Support, subscribe and listen to them.  Send any suggestions my way, and I’d be glad to have a listen.


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