Cover Mondays: Julia Turrini & Sam DeArmond

So I’m back from a road trip through Penn State, and I felt like Cover Mondays would be an appropriate way to start the week.  Today, I’m having a little bit of a trip down memory lane, so I’m highlighting artists that have done covers of songs that evoke some memory or feeling.  This post, I’m highlighting Julia Turrini for her painfully melodic rendition of Brand New’s “The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot”.  I’m also posting Sam DeArmond‘s rendition of Mayday Parade’s “Miserable At Best”.  Both songs are memorable in different ways.  And, yes, let’s be candid while we’re at it: they’re a little bit “emo” to say the least, but they’re great covers.

Check out Julia Turrini’s cover below.  Firstly, she has great vocals.  Secondly, she’s taken a song sung by a male in a very interesting key, and she’s singing it in an equally beautiful key.

And just below is Sam DeArmond’s cover of Miserable At Best.  I must have been 18 or 19 when I heard his cover, and I was just smitten with the soft way he sings it.  The song, if you’ve read the lyrics, is a bit angsty and it reflects on a recent breakup.  I think the way he sings it is probably more fitting than Mayday Parade’s — but you be the judge.

No scenes for Cover Mondays — just great renditions.


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