Digital Daggers: The Devil Within

Every now and then you come across music that doesn’t exactly reflect your taste, but you sit and listen anyways.  Digital Daggers, based out of Los Angeles, is an alternative/electronica/pop duo churning out exactly that sort of music.  Especially their single, “The Devil Within” which has gathered a good amount of attention since the popular TV series, Nikita featured it in its ending scene.  I’ll be honest, I don’t watch Nikita, but I did have to look up at the screen when I heard the track.  That’s just how intriguing they are.

The fact that they’re a male/female duo reminds me of The xx, but their music is distinctly different.  Her vocals are a bit more pop, and her diction is more pronounced.  However, the addition of some form of electronica makes the whole thing sound dangerous and cold.  It almost reminds me of a cross between Jem’s vocals on the song 24, Blue Foundation’s vocals on the track Eyes on Fire, and British band Bôa (namely the songs Duvet and maybe Fool).  And at odd moments, I hear electronic influences akin to Kate Havnevik‘s work.

The scene is a little bizarre, since it’s actually music I’ve been using to get me through a tedious chapter in my writing phase and so I’ve actually designed a scene based on this song.  It involves an underground fight club, your local hero and his/her tragic backstory, a lot of dark hues and over-contrasted lens filters, the smell of rain on cold metal fences, the roar of a crowd looking for sport, and a truly David and Goliath story.  And if you know the tale of David and Goliath, and if you pair the near-cryptic sound and its lyrics with the scenery, you can imagine how the whole thing plays out.  /End scene.

Beautiful photography used as the featured image is (c)


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