Bon Iver: Hinnom

To prove that I am still alive and listening to music, I’m posting a song that has been on repeat as I’ve been reading through a plethora of articles.  While there’s no need for an introduction, I’ll just say Bon Iver is an indie folk artist who has been well received by many in the music industry.  He’s probably pretty famous for his song Skinny Love, which was hauntingly and beautifully covered by Birdy.  The song I’ve got is from the Warm Bodies (movie features: Nicholas Hoult and John Malkovich) soundtrack — let’s be honest, it was a pretty nice soundtrack.

Reminds me of that moment between night and an afternoon, you know, the precipice of a sunset — when the light gets a little green and hazy.  Of walking through a field of dusty earth, grass and the odd weed sprouting from below, the rare bit of yellow sunlight peeking out over the horizon line, tickling you and your shadow.  Summertime cicadas gossiping about our covert rendezvous. Stealing glances of one another like inexperienced bandits.  /end scene.


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