Family of the Year: Hero

Got to hear Family of the Year on July 6th, the first of many shows in the Most Nights tour featuring FUN and Tegan & Sara, as well as Diana.  I had never heard of them before, so forgive me if they were already quite mainstream/well-known, especially in their hometown of Los Angeles.  Perhaps the one song that struck me, based on melody and lyrics, was the song Hero.  It’s got an on-the-road/in-the-field feel, which is reminiscent of most indie/indie folk bands.  Check the song out, and then look them up some more.  Not all of their music is quite my cup of tea, but I won’t deny that they’re talented. So give them a listen.

Imagine riding your bike beneath rows upon rows of tree boughs, sun filtering through summer-green leaves, speckled patterns decorating your arm.  The gravel road is a little bumpy, but you continue onward, past the stones and far beyond the house in the background.


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