Zoë Keating: We Insist

Zoë Keating is classically trained cellist out of good ol’ Guelph, Ontario, and her music borders contemporary and rock.  She was a gem of a find, and I’m pretty sure it’s because I heard her music on the TV show Elementary (a modern-day Sherlock Holmes), featuring Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu (the track you’ll hear is Optimist).  The song here is We Insist, which has an interesting tempo.  It’s a cross between Memoir’s of a Geisha’s The Chairman’s Waltz and something out of a Björk/Two Steps From Hell collaboration.  It kind of reminds me of what you do at night, when you can’t sleep — you know, lurk around, sneak about.  It’s got some great layering, courtesy of a foot pedal and some other doodads.  Give it a go; it’s been known to spark creative bouts.

You’re one of the night folk, hiding in the corners, hiding when the moon is high and when the clouds bow out in fear of it.  The clouds obscure the moon tonight; the rain wins.  Tonight, you scurry about, mimicking the pattern of the rainfall — onward, to gather your treasure, or rather, someone else’s scattered goods.  Pittering, pattering; the sound of rain dancing atop the tin roofs; it sounds like the sky is playing piano.  The windows rattle, shivering at the slightest touch; it sounds like the wind has hold of the bass.  Your shadow creeps up the wall.  The moon’s returned, its scornful eye waiting to catch you.  A sound; the creaking of floor panels beneath heavy footsteps.  Back into the shadows, into the cracks in the wall you go.  There’s always tomorrow night. /end scene.


One response to “Zoë Keating: We Insist

  1. Wow, your description of the moon really set the scene for me. Your scene reminds me of rainy nights in our beautiful mansion we left in the past that feels so long ago.

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