Efterklang: Step Aside

While I’ve already posted on my favourite Danish multi-instrument indie/indie rock group, Efterklang (see my it’s-going-to-be-great morning song: Modern Drift), I couldn’t help but share my renewed love for them.  A friend and I were perusing the aisles of the much-loved Sonic Boom in the Annex for some (gently and lovingly) used CDs of some (sometimes forgotten but always loved) artists… And this song starts to play, and all I can think is: this sounds familiar — who is this — I NEED TO SHAZAM IT. So I did, and lo’ and behold, it was Step Aside by the ethereal Efterklang!  And yes, it was on a TV show once.  Does The OC ring a bell?

Now, I’m posting the live-in-concert video to show you just how incredible they are, but if you want to listen to the recorded version of the song, click here.

There are a few lyrics that hit me, if you can hear them in all the shoegazer-like quality of the song:

I suppose I fall as I fly.

Followed by…

I follow your side;
Straps and booze;
If I lose,
I follow you blind.

Like Modern Drift, Step Aside reminds me of the morning. Except, it’s not the sun-in-your-eyes morning:

Lying in bed, exposed by an inquisitive window. Open eyes, wake from a nightmare, a dream, a strange string of events. Stare up at the sky. Watch the blue sky mottled a little white. See the trees, a few leaves waving hello, good day, wake up, get out, you’ll be alright. A new day, a Saturday, the escape from a forget-me-please Friday. A whole new set of events, probabilities, possibilities, promises, futures filled with second-chance-sunlight. Wake up, number 37. Wake up. (/end scene)

Note: if you’ve watched The Mothman Prophecies, you’ll understand the “Wake up, number 37. Wake up” reference.  Kudos to you if you do!


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