Grouplove: Colours

Los Angeles produces a wide variety of artists with just as many (bizarre) genres.  Case in point: Grouplove and their indietronica and alternative dance.  Which is unique, special and bizarrely addictive, especially if you’re searching for that danceable indie tune.  Because when you think indie, especially nowadays, you don’t necessarily think upbeat and dance-y.  No, when I think indie, I think of coffee shop music — this isn’t a bad thing, but it’s just an association — mellow, introspective, and the like.   Here’s my favourite song from both their Osheaga 2013 set, and just overall (so far, anyways).

In essence, it’s a relatively deep song masked in an upbeat tempo.  Danceable, and yet belt-able all at once.  If you want a more dance-ready remix that keeps the integrity of  the song (arrangement and meaning conveyed) in tact, check out the Captain Cuts mix, free download available.

(Here’s them performing LIVE at Osheaga — crazy energy.)

To be honest, I didn’t hear of Grouplove until my trip to Osheaga 2013 in Montreal, Quebec (j’aime les francophones!).  (Actually, if you think you haven’t heard of them, you’ve probably heard their song Tongue Tied, which is pretty popular.)  But I’m glad my friend dragged me across the venue to see their set.  I was not only impressed by their musical depth, but by the energy they injected into their performance.  Mad dance skills everywhere.  Including yours truly.

Scene? Young girl gets knocked onto the ground by bullies.  A boy missing shot of a lifetime, his team exasperated in the background. A young, heavy woman’s dress flips upward, exposing all her wobbly bits.  A teen being rejected by potential prom date.  Insert humiliation, shame, anger, despair on their faces.  If only for a brief moment, they are broken.  Girl gets up, dusts off pants / boy sighs, shakes head, runs back to teammates to cheer them on / woman laughs, smooths dress / teen purses lips, scoffs and shrugs, shaking head and laughing while walking through park.  Insert inner mental workings of each character: a vision of each dancing, as hard as they can, moving along.  Because, really, it’s not that bad. /end scene


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