The Wall Flour.  It’s a play on words, really.  It has no real significance.  The blog name I wanted was taken, so I settled for a play on words of one of my favourite bands: The Wallflowers.  That, and maybe (in some strange way) to pay hommage to Stephen Chbosky’s The Perks of Being A Wallflower.  Other than that?  Nothing special.  Don’t read into it.  Unless you want to, or unless I find a way to make it more… cultured.

So, after a year of posting, I’ve decided this is something of a… soundtrack, a movie score if you will.  I check out music, I listen, I remember little things that make the song interesting to me, I instill some form of context, and then I post the song in the way I remember it.

My entire life has been about music, though I’ve disputed that fact since I was young and have since stopped learning/playing piano, flute and guitar (though, let’s be honest, I never really got anywhere with guitar).  Years into the future, undergraduate life behind me in a cloud of purple smoke, music still permeates my everyday life.  I still hear the rumbling drum deep within my chest, and my fingers still play the piano like a phantom limb.  Every scene I’ve ever seen (excuse the pun) has had that Oscar-winning soundtrack moment, in my head anyways.  I love to put music to moments, and moments to music.

Feel free to leave me a message, recommend a song, a band, a genre, a snippet, a sound clip, and maybe even self-endorse.  When the world shouts, I listen.


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    • Thanks for dropping by! You’ve got a great voice. In some way, you remind me of Elena Tonra (from Daughter), which is great. Can’t wait to hear more from you. And for some reason, I like the acoustic version of Castling much better — their Purevolume page as a free download of their Tautou cover if you’re interested. Anyways, thanks again for the comment — i f you’ve got any more music to recommend, send some my way!

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