544479_10201017182745709_112603035_n (1)Suzette (n.), pronounced Soo-zet’; often mistaken for Suzanne or Susan, is my name.

Things I like include (but are not limited to): peanut butter & jelly anything, nail polish, used bookstores, vintage artwork, penne à la vodka, canine lupus familiaris, constellations and Disney movies.

Now living the post-graduate life, I’ve been a listener for over two decades (yes, over two decades).  My taste in music has fluctuated, oscillated and has done its share of auditory damage.  I remember my first time listening to the radio, the first time I actually realized that music was more than just noise.  I might have been six.  Since then, influential music has ranged from artists my parents have listened to (50s music to the hippy era and so on), to alternative, Top 40s, obscurities and the odd classical/neo-classical genius.

I won’t say I’m an aficionado and I won’t say I’m a musical artist, as I neither have the know or the know-how to be either.  My favourite instrument is the piano, despite my limited knowledge, and I can still think up melodies, harmonies, chords and create several bars of music at a time.  Sometimes it’s really all that I can think about — what tune fits these words?

I think the best word to describe me is: enthusiast.  I take music, I register it and I wonder what to do with it.  Lyrics are important to me (I’m a bit of a writer), as are melodies.

So what’s the point of this blog?  Not entirely sure.  I figured it would be akin to a movie score, a soundtrack at best (an OST); a collection of songs that have some connection with some part of my bizarre psyche.  I make movies in my head, and I translate them into scripts.  I figure it’d be nice to have a beat, a song, a melody, a soundtrack even, to accompany them.  My life is quite the movie, quite the play, and everyone knows it’s all about the editing and the soundtrack.

One day, I’ll have the creative power to manifest the perfect soundtrack.  Oscars, here I come.


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