Updates & News

August 10, 2013 — Just a few new additions!

  • Updated the “Ette” page — there’s a fun picture and a glimpse into my world;
  • Updated the “Links” page and the blog footer — so you can find some snazzy venues and even snazzier music blogs.
  • Added an “Imagery” page, where I will hopefully post pictures of live shows or albums I’ve picked up, or even just the imagery you might associate with a song I post (i.e. a real life example of what I’ve been “scripting” for each song);
  • Updated the “Soundtracks page — finally got an 8tracks account for this!  For anyone who wanted to get a glimpse into the workings of my mind, here’s one way.  I’ve made soundtracks since I can remember, and if I were in the beloved cute-young-John Cusack 1980s film Say Anything, I’d make cassettes.  Yes.  Mixed tapes.  So check out the Soundtracks page.  I’ve put up links and descriptions, as well as matching imagery (credited where possible).  Have a listen and enjoy!

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